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An analysis of technology and its impact on the human condition through the medium of print

Exhibited in Saan1 May 2023


"Davies uses technology as his canvas to create a poignant message about the value we place on these devices and the time they unwillingly take from us."

"Don’t worry – Screen Time is not a lecture on worn-out clichés – such as efficient time use and the dangers of Big Tech – so grab a glass of wine and enjoy the experience. Davies explores the topic as a fertile ground for both musings on our future as well as artistic experiments with his chosen medium. It’s an invitation for us to reconsider our relationships with the one device that rarely leaves our sight."

"As a body of work, Screen Time feels like an act of resistance, an act of emancipation on behalf of all those who are slaves to the algorithm. It’s a jarring reminder of the metaphor of time being something to kill, and, by extension, of how a technology that promises symbiosis can suck away the waking hours like a leech. Insatiable, its hunger scrolls inexhaustibly on, wanting to see a reflection of some kind, because it has none of its own."

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